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Abstract Hit Points

Abstracting Hit Points One of my favorite aspects of 5th Edition D&D is that it explicitly calls out that Hit Points aren’t meat. When you have a 15th level fighter with 80 hit points, he can’t actually absorb 10 times the damage as the first level rogue with 8hp. This has long been the case, but has also been the source of a lot of debates throughout the history of D&D.

12 More Useless Items

Here’s some more random, useless magical items, to add a sense of wonder to the game without making your PCs overpowered. Writing Desk Slow-falling Glassware House Seed Fruit Root Quill Scribe Book of Lending Athanor of Purity Witchweed Half Empty Cup Everburning Fireplace Corlins Connectors Writing Desk Wondrous Item, common This desk, which is almost always found mounted and secured below decks in a ship, renders the person seated there immune to the pitching and rocking of the ship.

Random Galeb Duhr Encounters

1d6 Galeb Duhr Here’s a few options on how to flesh out the 1d6 Galeb Duhr from my Random Mountain Encounters. Instead of the standard way of just counting how many of the creature to encounter, here’s a list of unique different types of the creature. You can roll on here multiple times if you feel like it, or just go with a single roll. Galeb Duhr are earth-aligned fae spirits, and often have alliances with fae creatures in their region.

Random Roc Encounters

1d4 Rocs Here’s a few options on how to flesh out the 1d4 Rocs from my Random Mountain Encounters. 1) Recent Kill The characters are passing along a trail below a cliff, when a whole elk drops onto the trail in front of them, glancing up, they see a huge Roc dropping from the cliff overhead diving towards them to retrieve the kill that it dropped. They have 1 round before the beast will be upon them,

Random Mountain Encounters

I’m currently running The Moon is a Mirror from Trilemma design, and having a great old time with it, but I’m adding some old-school hex crawl around the area. This uses the 2e standard of rolling 1d8+1d12 to generate an encounter. The advantage of this method is that it gives you a nicely centered distribution that allows you to put less common encounters on the outer edges (2-3, 19-20) and more common encounters in the center (9-13).

So you Killed a Player Character

Every once in a while, a novice GM pops up on the Facebook GMs and DMs group with questions about how to deal with PCs dying in the game. Usually this is in the context of “I’ve never killed a PC before, and I’m worried the Player will not be interested in the game anymore.” While ultimately, the answer is that you’re not responsible for whether the player stays or not, almost universally, we are DMing because we enjoy hanging out and playing games with our friends, and nobody wants to hear a friend effectively say “I don’t like hanging out with you anymore.

Out of the Abyss Feb 26

The party restrained the Duergar and Svirfneblin who were battling in the middle of town, and headed off to the Svirfneblin encampment. They were able to defeat the 4 Duergar who were attacking the door quick enough that the other 8 decided to head back to the Duergar encampment to regroup and re-enforce. After speaking with the Svirfneblin, and checking out the warehouse very briefly, the PCs moved their army to the gnomish fungus garden, and helped gather and cremate the dead gnomes.

Con of the North 2017 Update

President’s day weekend in Minnesota means it’s time again for Con of the North! We got in a little late to Con of the North, meaning I just slid in to the 6pm Friday Call of Cthulhu game that I was running. The players were glad to see that there was indeed a GM for the game, so I set about getting the game going before someone pulled a fire alarm.

12 Minor magical items

I like handing out magical items that are immensely useful in world to the average denizen of a fantasy world, but are basically useless to most PCs. Roofing Sealant Stone of Warmth Washing Tub Everfull Canteen Portable Clearing Animated Broom Polishing Cloth Shelf of Preservation Mosquito Stone Collar of Obedience Navigating Pebble Roofing Sealant Wondrous Item, uncommon This item is a large pot of a foul-smelling alchemical mixture.

Out of the Abyss 2017/2/13

Notes from the Feb. 13, 2017 D&D session Picking up from last session the PCs were venturing into a Goblin holdout in the underdark. I had a chance in between games to prep this a bit, so I picked a few chewy nuggets of inspriation from a goblin-based adventure from the En5ider magazine that EnWorld puts out. Oooh, and Nilbogs. So, the first point for the game to pick up was Eric Tealeaf sneaking into the Goblin cavern just before the guards were able to roll a stone blocking the entrance.