Creighton Minnesota


Creighton Minnesota in Koochiching County, in the Iron Range Population 700

Creighton is 40 miles south of the Canadian border, in a little pocket of non national forest land. The nearest city is Hibbing, about 1 ½ hour drive away, nearest town is ~600 people too, (½ hour away)

Largely supported by Tourism, Agriculture, and Timber industries. Several Logging companies have a presence here. There is a sawmill in town that does rough-cut lumber for shipping to Duluth and Hibbing.


Served by Koochiching County Sheriff’s office.

  • Sheriff: John Hedlund
  • Undersheriff: Perry Ebling
  • Local lead deputy: Dave Sheik

Hedlund and Ebling take turns between staffing an office in International Falls (~2 hour drive away) and making a circuit of all of the local sheriff offices in the various small towns throughout Koochiching County

Post Office

The post office is open 6 days a week, 8 to 4. The office is manned by Jim Honigman and his wife Alice. Typically Alice does the deliveries and Jim sits at the counter. The postal code is 54221


Creighton School has 300 students, Pre-K-12. ~12-15 students per graduating class, from Creighton and nearby rural homes, School Mascot is the Bobcats. They have a division AAA Hockey Team, and a girls volleyball team. Not enough students for anything else.

  • Chet Wagner: High School Science Teacher
  • Maggie Gwash: High School Principal


Local AM Radio Station 1030 AM – KBCT – Mostly plays local sports and big band music.

Local Paper delivers on Saturday morning – Creighton Chronicle, Mostly sports scores from the week and occasional local color. Ads for the Walmart and Menards

  • Mark Kleist: Town Historian and head editor at Creighton Chronicle

Major Events

Deer Hunting season and Fishing Opener are the main busy times in town.

Town Festival Papermill Days July 4 weekend every year.

North Pole Village, 2nd weekend in December. Attracts a fair number of out of town visitors, swells the town to about 1200 people. There is a Chistmas village in the center of town, and a Santa Claus look-alike contest is the big Friday night event.

Notable Locations

Creighton Mine

An old, closed down Iron Mine. The lower tunnels were flooded, and geological surveys have shown that the area isn’t rich enough in iron to warrant a more extensive mining effort. Preserved by the local mining historical society and open for tours in the summer.

  • Natalee Kleist: Mark’s Wife, Head of the Creighton Mine Society

Bartlett Lake

Near the mine, Many houses in the city border it. The rest of the perimiter is dotted with cabins owned by “city folk” from Duluth and the Twin Cities, as well as a few farms.

  • Joel Stahlberger: Pig farmer whose land borders the lake
  • Connie Stahlberger: Joel’s wife, beekeeper
  • Noah Kleist: Son of Mark and Natalee, handyman and caretaker for several of the cabins along the lake.


At the south side of Bartlett lake, threre is a dam that used to be used to power the old paper mill, and it empties into Bartlett River. All of the folks from town just refer to the little parking lot at the base of the dam as “The Riverside”. During the summer, there’s a local farmer’s market that pops up there on the weekends, and there’s a small city park with a playground nearby as well.

The Overpass

Downtown Creighton is south of State Highway 177, but the town is effectively cut in half by the highway. Back in the 90’s there was a series of accidents on Main Street where it crossed 177, so MNDOT built an overpass.