OSR Guide for the Perplexed

Answering Zak Smith’s OSR guide for the Perplexed questionaire. One article or blog entry that best exemplifies the OSR Too many to list, but my current jam is Mazes: The Monotony or how to run an actual maze. A few features stand out about it that makes it OSR to me: First, it recognizes an aspect of gaming that is boring and offers a solution to reconcile that boredom. It offers a simple house rule with minimal game stats as a solution, and then builds a whole adventure using random tables and even a save or die trap or two.

Random Galeb Duhr Encounters

1d6 Galeb Duhr Here’s a few options on how to flesh out the 1d6 Galeb Duhr from my Random Mountain Encounters. Instead of the standard way of just counting how many of the creature to encounter, here’s a list of unique different types of the creature. You can roll on here multiple times if you feel like it, or just go with a single roll. Galeb Duhr are earth-aligned fae spirits, and often have alliances with fae creatures in their region.

Random Roc Encounters

1d4 Rocs Here’s a few options on how to flesh out the 1d4 Rocs from my Random Mountain Encounters. 1) Recent Kill The characters are passing along a trail below a cliff, when a whole elk drops onto the trail in front of them, glancing up, they see a huge Roc dropping from the cliff overhead diving towards them to retrieve the kill that it dropped. They have 1 round before the beast will be upon them,

Random Mountain Encounters

I’m currently running The Moon is a Mirror from Trilemma design, and having a great old time with it, but I’m adding some old-school hex crawl around the area. This uses the 2e standard of rolling 1d8+1d12 to generate an encounter. The advantage of this method is that it gives you a nicely centered distribution that allows you to put less common encounters on the outer edges (2-3, 19-20) and more common encounters in the center (9-13).

Mythoard 23

For those who aren’t familiar, Mythoard is a monthly subscription box of RPG goodies that started almost 2 years ago now, and has had a lot of fantastic books and materials. I just got my shipment of Mythoard 23, and found some delightful bits. Creature Components: Volume 1 The first book that caught my attention was the Creature Components: Volume 1. Material Components have always been a fascinating feature of D&D.