For those who aren’t familiar, Mythoard is a monthly subscription box of RPG goodies that started almost 2 years ago now, and has had a lot of fantastic books and materials.

I just got my shipment of Mythoard 23, and found some delightful bits.

Creature Components: Volume 1

The first book that caught my attention was the Creature Components: Volume 1. Material Components have always been a fascinating feature of D&D. The common fantasy trope of that “one special component” that is needed to make a spell effective is such a powerful thread, but the way it’s implemented in D&D and it’s descendents is frequently pretty booring. Either the DM ignores it, or the game provides “Component Pouches”, or the like, and it just never gets the attention it deserves. Creature Components though, takes an interesting approach to the problem by providing a list of creatures from the Pathfinder bestiary and ideas on how to use parts of them as “supplementary” components that can do things like increase the range, or caster level, or simply add some additional effects to the spell. Now, this creates a list of min/max options that I’m leery to hand over to players, “Oh, we’re doing a water adventure, and I’m a fire caster? I’m going to go stock up on Dragon Turtle breath glands!”. The first chapter of the book has several fantastic hints on how to introduce harvested components to your group without worrying too much about profit-minded murderhobos flooding the economy with owlbear gizzards.

Ponyfinder - Ghost of the Pirate Queen

I’m not a “brony”, but i’ve followed the development of Ponyfinder and Ponyfinder: 5th age with a bit of bemusement. A lot of my ideas on what roleplaying and fantasy should be like are based on the cartoons I watched as a kid, so I think it’s good that someone is keeping the tradition alive. A previous Mythoard netted me a few of Playground Adventures’s other adventures but this is the first Ponyfinder one, and I continue to be impressed with their delivery of games using the Pathfinder rules (I believe they also do 5e versions now as well) aimed specifically at children. Ghost of the Pirate Queen has a few decidedly childish aspects (Some very simple, but informatitve riddles, a puzzle that won’t challenge most folks past Jr. High, etc), but it’s well written, and has a few interesting plot twists. There’s plenty of stuff for adults to enjoy in this adventure as well.

One of the aspects of the module that I like a lot is that each encounter has ways to resolve the encounter through diplomacy and/or trickery, and it’s explicitly stated that the DM should give equal XP regardless of whether the enemies are defeated through brawn, diplomacy, or trickery. This keeps the childlike atmosphere around the game, and definitely fits with the nonviolent themes of the My Little Pony Tv show. All in all, while it’s clearly intended as an adventure for younger kids (6 and up?), it could be a good time for some adults approaching it with an open mind.

The Traveller Logbook

Mythoard appears to have come across a big collection of old printed Judges Guild stuff, and this is a fun little treasure. This is a 64 page booklet is largely composed of blank character sheets, and blank ship record sheets for the old GDW version of Traveller. It’s a fun throwback to when we couldn’t just go find a PDF on the game publisher’s site, and run it off on our laser printer. Also, the first dozen or so pages are a repeat of the character generation tables in the book. It’s always nice to have an extra copy of that at the table.

Traveller Referee Screen

Another of the old Judge’s Guild prints, this is a bright green folded DM screen, with player stats on one side, and DM relevant info on the other.

The Horrid Echoes of the Blue Blade

This mini-adventure doubles as the checklist for this hoard. It’s a fun little haunted house (inn?) adventure built for characters of 1-3 level. It’s probably most compatible with Pathfinder, but converting it to any D&D variant would probably take all of about 10 mninutes. This is from the folks at Drink, Spin, Run

Adventure Hook Card #4

This is the 4th in a set of Mythoard exclusive items. This is basically just a very short, small adventure hook, and locale. It’s a small card you can slip into your dice-box so when the PCs take an unexpected left turn at the fork in the road, they can make their way to something interesting.