How does Magic Affect Society?

In some ways, my conception of the Five Spells universe is a special case of the more general Tippyverse. I’m planning on making my 5 Spells book System Neutral, or possibly tack on Savage Worlds, FATE, or some other generalized roleplaying system that are built to be adaptable, but there’s nothing that says that it couldn’t be part of a more “Rules as Physics” universe based on the D&D 3.5 rules, assuming that magic is actually limited to the five spells.

Types of Spells

I’m trying to come up with a way of thinking how the existence of various spells might affect the world around them for my NaGaDeMon project. Here’s a first draft of my current thoughts. Offensive/Defensive Spells Spells like Magic Missile, Fireball, Acid Arrow, and even Shield and Mage Armor fall into a general category of “Warfare” spells in my mind. They change the face of conflict in fantastic ways. Since warfare is a constant concern of the human species, it makes sense for one or two of these spells to be of supreme importance, but having more than one of these types of spell doesn’t have a lot more impact than having a single one, unless you want to go with an uneven distribution of magic.

NagaDemon 2018 - Five Spells

I’m committing today to doing NaGaDeMon in November. I have an idea for writing up a system/guidebook for creating limited magic settings that I refer to as “Five Spells” settings. The idea came from a convention game that a friend ran years ago at a convention connected to the Enigma roleplaying game club from Los Angeles. The base idea is pretty simple: The DM solicts a list of five spells from the players, and the builds a world where those five spells are the only magic that exists in the world.