I’m committing today to doing NaGaDeMon in November. I have an idea for writing up a system/guidebook for creating limited magic settings that I refer to as “Five Spells” settings. The idea came from a convention game that a friend ran years ago at a convention connected to the Enigma roleplaying game club from Los Angeles.

The base idea is pretty simple: The DM solicts a list of five spells from the players, and the builds a world where those five spells are the only magic that exists in the world. There’s no strict limitation on how common the five spells are. They might be incredibly common, available to anyone on the street, or they might be incredibly rare, embodied in an arcane artifact that is locked away and jealously guarded by a powerful empire. The world might be built on a basically modern technology level, or it might be a medieval fantasy simulator. We might be playing stone age bands of hunters and gathererers, or we might be playing rougish space pirates scraping out a living among the fringes of the Galactic Trade Union.

I’ll probably be using my blog a little less during November, which is a pain since I just started using it a lot more, but I’ll probably be using it when I do to bounce ideas about my five spells book around and see how they look in type. I’m welcoming of criticism and suggestions too.