Giving Alignment Teeth

Alignment is an oft maligned holdover from the wargaming beginnings of D&D, where you could look at a PC or NPC and determine literally what team they were on by the alignment on their sheet. That’s why Alignment Languages were a thing: When coordinating military action, everyone on the same team has to speak the same language. Your alignment in early D&D wasn’t just how you acted, it was literally what team you were on in the grand cosmic war.

In game timekeeping

I had an extended conversation today with some coworkers about whether 12am is Noon or Midnight. Apparently the “official” answer is “Just write Noon or Midnight, don’t write 12am or 12pm, because they’re confusing.” But this brought up a few thoughts on time in gaming worlds that I’ve had over the last few months. We’re kind of spoiled in the modern era in that in the 1800’s we got nice standardized timekeeping devices and time zones, and the like.