Sci Fi

Should I let a PC die?

My wife and my roomate have been playing in an online game for a few months now, largely out of a sense of nostalgia. It’s an online “SAGA” edition of Star Wars, and she’s having a good time with the other players, and she really likes the majority of the people involved, but she plays every Saturday night, and every Sunday morning, she’s mopey and unhappy with the GM of her Saturday game because he railroaded the group into a 4 hour combat that nearly resulted in a TPK yet again, and nobody was having a good time, and she swears she’s not going to the game the next week, because she hates it.

Gaming in The Expanse

I’ve been watching the Sy-Fy TV Series “The Expanse” recently, and found it very interesting. Doing some cursor research reveals that the original author was writing the setting as an MMO which never made it out of the “pitch” stage, then translated it to a play-by-post forum RPG, and it is now a book series, and an ambitious TV series. For those of you who haven’t come across the books or TV show yet, the basic plot is that mankind has expanded into the solar system, establishing a Martian colony and a series of smaller colonies in the asteroid belt and orbiting some of the outer planets.