The Expanse focuses pretty heavily on characters who are scrabbling out an existence at the edges of society and the solar system: Belters whose survival depends entirely on making do with little to nothing, Naval officers who burned out of the service, washed up cops, and so forth. While you could just make a game with a whole party full of Scoundrels, i’d like to have a bit more variety in the party. So, I’m throwing together a “Rock Jockey” class.

Rock Jockeys represent the grease-monkey industrial types who mostly spend their life in the shipping lanes, making runs between Ceres, the Rings of Saturn, and Eros, hauling 10,000 ton blocks of ice from where they’ve been floating since the solar system formed to human population centers in the belt. Most Rock Jockeys are belters, never having experienced full earth gravity in their life. Even those who grew up on Earth or Mars have spent enough time scooting around rocks in free-fall to understand how things move in zero-g. Rock Jockeys are used to making do with jury-rigged parts and decrepit ships. It may not look pretty, but it’ll keep the vaccum out, and keep them alive until they can make it back to the shipping lanes.

Rock Jockey

aka Ice-Hauler, Pilot, Greasemonkey

Starting HP: 1d4+4
HP per level/Resting: 1d4
Weapons and Armor: All Pistols, Flight Jacket, Light Armor
Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 unarmed

Special Abilities

Rolls with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage from outsiders or environmental effects when in zero-g.

Rolls with Advantage when repairing any sort of mechanical device or electronics. Once per day, may repair a damaged ship for 1d6 HP. When a Rock Jockey is acting as Pilot or Co-Pilot for a ship carrying cargo and their ship takes damage from a Dex attack, the Rock Jockey may choose to sacrifice the cargo to avoid the damage.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for DEX or CON