Notes from the Jan. 29, 2016 D&D session

Started off with a bit of bookeeping in Gauntlgrym, where the PCs decided they needed to speak with Trevion Stonechalk, a dwarf working for the Granitespike family who had contact with Jaezred and owes him some money. Trevion gave them some details on Gravenhollow, namely that they should speak with the Stone Giants to find the route there. He said that he had held the Kybere in his hands, and knew that it was evil. It was being taken to Gravenhollow for safe keeping, and he didn’t think that Jaezred should have it.

After speaking with Trevion, a few other folks purchased some stuff. Corlin bought a kit of vials and chemicals to preserve various bits and pieces that he was planning to retrieve from defeated enemies. Troy’s character bought a wagon with a cage on it.

Then they set off. The route to Mantol Derith starts off with 6 days of overland transport, which progresses uneventfully. During that time however, [Marc’s Character]’s Basilisk egg hatches, so he starts to lag behind the party. On the 6th day, they reach the secret Zhentarim entry to the underdark, and give the password to get in. They’re warned that about a day’s worth of travel in is well patrolled, but any farther than that they’ll be on their own.

After about 3 days of travel, they find a relatively nice cavern to set up camp but pretty briefly, someone notices a drow warning sign scribed into the wall. Exploring the back of the cavern, they discovered a small passageway that led into a dark cavern, crowded with stalactites and stalagmites. Within a few dozen feet, the party was attacked by a group of Shadow Demons. The Shadow Demons were quickly dispatched by the Paladin and the cleric of Light, though two of them did manage to escape. After continuing into the cavern, they discovered Bruthwahl Firehands - a Duregar driven mad by Orcus. He had a set of human corpses he was experimenting on (for loose meanings of the word “experimenting”), and a pair of Drow corpses in a cavern towards the back. Kendal ultimately executed Bruthwahl.

A few more days of travel, there’s a deep chasm (~300ft deep, ~300 feet wide) with a broken bridge across it. While the PCs could cross it with their riding lizards, the wagon and the faction troops necessitate using a trail down into the chasm. At the base of it, Troy’s character noticed a noise to the side, and went off to chase it. A few other characters surrounded the disturbance, and discovered that it was a trio of escaped Shield Dwarves who had been slaves of the Drow: Bori, Kinlan, and Firi Flintnose. After some hemming and hawing about whether it was safe to trust the dwarves with the password to return to the surface through the Zhentarim stronghold, the PCs eventually convinced the three dwarves to join them.

Finally, about 10 days out from Mantol Derith, the PCs were treated to finding a good location to hole up, A cavern with a natural pair of defense platforms on either side of it, flanking a very tight bottleneck entry to another deeper cavern. However, as they approached it, they discovered that not only was it easily defensible, but it was actually defended by some goblins. The PCs decided to attempt to assault the fortifications, and Tealeaf slinked through the door as the rest of the party was arming up. The Goblins rolled a stone across the entry way, just after Tealeaf entered, and game was called then.