Cult of Ashod

Deep in the frozen wastelands of Stygia, The fortress of Kitoposh stands alone, far from the machinations of the other Devils. Ashod and his forces are composed entirely of Devils who felt their former masters were mistreating them. Ashod once served Geryon, but rebelled from him when he was ordered to infiltrate a well established demonic cult on the material plane. Convinced that this plan was an unnecessary risk, and quite possibly designed to kill a dangerously powerful underling, Ashod assigned an imp to the duty, and felt justified when the imp was torn apart by a demonic assault. Ashod led a group of similarly disatisfied Devils to kill the demons, and then to a remote abandoned fortress in Stygia where they stood against their former masters.


Have the strength to take the things you want. Avenge the wrongs against those you see as your own.

Typical Cultist

Assassin, Bandit, Bandit Captain, Cult Fanatic, Cultist, Knight, Noble, Spy, Thug

Signature Spells

True Strike (cantrip), Ray of Sickness (1st level), Ray of Enfeeblement (2nd level), Bestow Curse (3rd level)

Slavery, explotation of the weak, and other great disparity of wealth and power provide fertile ground for devil cults, but few devils reap as much from them as Ashod. Ashod focuses on striking bargains with those who see no other route out of their bondage. Ashod’s cult is frequently found among any culture that commonly keeps slaves or indentured servants like the Zhentarim, the Drow, or the Mulorhandi.

Ashod offers to give the opressed the tools to overcome and destroy their opressors by assassination, guile and murder. While this can provide an easy route to freedom for a few slaves, it confirms the worst prejudices of the slave-keepers and usually results in even more vicious treament of the servants by the “masters”.

Ashod grants his followers the ability to poison masters who are foolish enough to let their slaves prepare their food and drink. Cult leaders can also gain the Vipers Blood trait.

_Venom Touch (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest) _ As an action, this creature can poison food or drink which they can touch with their hands. Any creature eating or drinking the food or drink must make a DC 12 Constitution save, or take 6 (1d10) poison damage and must repeat the save every hour for the next day. On each successive failed save, the creatures takes 6 (1d10) poison damage. After three successful saves, the poison ends.

Vipers Blood As a reaction, when this creature is hit for poison damage, it can instead choose one creature it can see within 100 feet, and cause that creature to receive the poison damage instead.