President’s day weekend in Minnesota means it’s time again for Con of the North!

We got in a little late to Con of the North, meaning I just slid in to the 6pm Friday Call of Cthulhu game that I was running. The players were glad to see that there was indeed a GM for the game, so I set about getting the game going before someone pulled a fire alarm. After that, we progressed through the adventure reasonably quickly, and it ended with the PCs figuring out what the monster was, and how to defeat it.

I thought about slipping in to another game after mine ended at 10pm, knowing that my wife would be busy with stuff until 2am, but I ended up just sitting and watching the last half of another DM running the same adventure in CoC as I had just wrapped up. It was fun watching how the other GM handled the stuff I had literally just finished running PCs through.

After that game ended at midnight, I went back to my room, chilled out a bit, and double checked my prep for the Call of Cthulhu game I was planning on running the next day at 10am.

The next morning I got up and went down to check out the dealers room before my game. I played a demo of Lost in R’Lyeh at the Atlas Games booth, and was satisfied enough with it that I picked up a copy. I also got a chance to look at the absolutely beautiful physical copy of Unknown Armies 3rd Edition that they had there. I tried to get in to a Paranoia game, and an Unknown Armies demo, but things didn’t work out. I swung by the front desk to pick up some alternate tickets for some games, and then it was off to run my game. Things went pretty well, and I got some schwag from Chaosium to hand out to players, including a copy of S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors that I was loath to part with, but was able to hand off to a player that did a great job.

After my game, I met up with my Wife again, ate dinner, and then headed off to a game of [Everyone Is John][everyone-is-john] Celebrity Edition. We played through two rounds, where I got to be Johnny Bravo, seeking a date, and John Lenin, trying to get people to give peace a chance. The GM for the session had a whole lot of Johns printed up ahead of time, which made the game pretty fun and easy to play. It probably would have been a bit more fun if I had been drinking more, but what isn’t right?

The next morning, I decided to try out the “Tékumel” track, with John Till’s “The Gate to Hmakuyal”. The game was pretty fun, with an even mix of people who had never played Tékumel before, and this was probably a good game to start with, since the characters were all outsiders to Tékumel (albeit, Aztec outsiders from an alternate Earth) who had discovered a gateway into Tékumel. It was interesting to see some of the details of what has been referred to as “The First RPG Campaign Setting”. In a world where “western” fantasy dominates the RPG market, one of the earliest RPGs out there was set in a decisively non-western setting, with science-fantasy and completely different tropes than we’re used to. Another fun bit about this game was that it was done using a hack of the “Fate Freeport Companion” rules, which is actually the first time I’ve had a chance to try out the Fate rules. It worked out reasonably well, though we didn’t give the system a good chance to stretch its legs.

Then it was one last pass through the dealer room, pick up a few deeply discounted board games that we had been eyeing, and back home again. I had a great time at several of the games I played and ran, and I’m definitely looking forward to it again next year.